The Mind of God

What is A Course in Miracles talking about?

          One way of answering this question is:

A Course in Miracles is talking about “MAT-WAS”, that is, it is talking about The Mind, Its Activity, Thoughts, Will, Awareness, and State.

          For example, it talks about The Mind of God. What does God as a Mind do? He thinks thoughts (ideas). This is His act of creating. He causes ideas to be.

In terms of MAT-WAS we could say, God thinks and wills (creates) Thoughts of which He is aware, and which maintain His perfect happiness. Notice how each letter of MAT-WAS is represented somewhere in this sentence. 

          The Course teaches that “God is but Love.” It is safe to translate this into “God is but a Loving Mind.” What is the activity of a Loving Mind?  What does God as a Loving Mind experience? I will CAPITALIZE each word that corresponds to a letter in MAT-WAS.

          GOD GIVES EVERYTHING to EVERYONE, because HIS WILL for HIS CREATIONS is Perfect HAPPINESS. A loving MIND is AWARE that EVERYONE has EVERYTHING, and in that sense, THEY are the SAME and EQUAL. This AWARENESS of perfect ONENESS maintains HIS HAPPINESS and increases HIS JOY.

          This also serves as a brief and simple way of describing what the Course teaches about the Mind (You) that co-creates with God. The Mind God creates, co-creates a Mind like itself, as God did. We discussed this in previous articles (and more thoroughly in my book.)

          The above presentation refers to Level 1 versus Level 2; the spiritual level of experience versus the bodily level of experience. In my next article on this topic, I will look at how this mnemonic “MAT-WAS” applies to Level 2, the bodily level of experience in which the mind is using a body. Our presentation above referred to pure mind, the Mind of God, and your Mind as He created it. In other words, we will talk about mind at the level of perception rather than knowledge.

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