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Go to God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy on and follow the procedures. 

For international orders, you can visit the Amazon websites of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


Send your name, address, and a check or money order in US dollars 

payable to Robert J. Hellmann to:

Robert J Hellmann
2920 Snouffer Road, Apt. 108
Columbus, OH 43235


For United States orders, the cost is $23.94 ($19.95 book + $3.99 shipping).

For Canadian orders, the cost in US dollars is $35.95 ($19.95 book + $16 shipping).
For other international orders, the cost

in US dollars is $43.95

($19.95 book + $24 shipping).

GOD, SELF, AND EVIL: A Miracle Theodicy, By Robert J. Hellmann

Published by Enlightenment Publications

ISBN: 0-9716196-0-3 Hardbound, Jacket, Smyth Sewn, 398 pages

CONTACT us to ask about discounts for  study group or class bulk orders.

purchase from your local new age bookstore

If God, Self, and Evil is not yet available at your  bookstore, ask the manager to order from the New Leaf Distributing Company located in Georgia (USA).  New Leaf distributes to bookstores in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia.