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  • Applied to the issue of God and human suffering

       In God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy Robert Hellmann offers a lucid explanation of the fundamental teachings found in the modern spiritual classic, A Course in Miracles while offering a radically new solution to the problem of evil.  Mr. Hellmann applies the Course's concepts to both the practical and theoretical dimensions of this ancient and perplexing human problem. 

        Atheists have used the experience of violence and suffering in an argument to prove there cannot be a God, a Being that can consistently be thought of as all-powerful and all-loving. Despite the persistent attempts of Christian philosophers to refute the atheists' argument from evil, none has successfully achieved this goal in an intellectually satisfying manner. Theodicy is a branch of theology that ponders this problem of evil. 

       In  his Miracle Theodicy, Robert Hellmann  offers a radically new refutation of the argument from evil. He has written to help those who want to believe that an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving God exists, and who want to feel that such faith makes sense in light of reason.  For too long, reason's legitimate demand for consistency has been seen as an enemy of faith in God.  The author demonstrates that reason and logic, far from being enemies to faith, actually provide strong support of such faith.  He also makes clear how one can sustain this faith even though he is well aware that nearly every human being, at one time or another, experiences attack and suffering is one form or another.

"I thank you for writing such a wonderful book... I am certain I will read it again and plan to make it a part of our study group."

- Marilyn C.,Wells, Maine 

  " ... and what is not happiness is evil."

ACIM, Lesson 66

What Readers Are Saying About This Book

"I enjoyed your very clear and simple presentation.  I enjoyed reading the book very much.  This is a much-needed book in the Course Community.  I intend to recommend it on our Website [Circle of Atonement]

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: We at the Circle believe that the scholarly study of the Course can offer great benefits to its teachers and students. So, we are very happy to recommend a recent work of Course scholarship by Robert J. Hellmann: a book entitled God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy.... We believe that this book is an excellent contribution to Course scholarship." 

-Robert Perry, Circle of Atonement

"This is a remarkable book!...No other book on the subject (theodicy) has ever come close to answering this problem. Robert Hellmann does it brilliantly....Furthermore, he not only totally refutes the [Argument from Evil] but also queries his own arguments; that is, he asks, and answers, questions that might arise from his refutation...The enlightening end section of the book goes even further and sets out the basis for the premise of the book....God, Self, and Evil not only answers the problem of evil but shows how anyone can know the Presence of God and find the peace, joy and happiness that brings."

- Denis Pickwell, Brisbane, Australia

"I think God, Self, and Evil is quite simply one of the best books ever written on the Course. ...Reading it has deepened my own thinking about the problem of evil.  I would recommend it to anyone, and have done so....The book is very clear and straightforward.  You have a real knack for explaining difficult philosophical concepts in a way the ordinary reader can understand.  I love the way you show the connection between theoretical and practical issues." 

                      -Greg Mackie, Circle of Atonement

"After reading God, Self, and Evil, I better understand what the Course itself is teaching.  Many sentences in the Course were once somewhat obscure to me.  After reading your book, they are now much clearer.  I feel that my learning of the Course's thought system is progressing more rapidly now." 

-Judy Craig, South Mills, NC

"I especially noted and appreciated the fact that the passages you quote from the Course so clearly support the claims you make as you move forward in developing this radically new theodicy."     -

-Don Southern, Virginia Beach, VA

A hearty MAZEL TOV!!!! on  your book. 

- Kenneth Wapnick, Temecula, CA,

December, 2002

This book is outstanding- I've read a lot of books about/based on ACIM and this is one of, if not the most, helpful.

                                   - Anonymous Amazon customer

"This book has helped me so much in my understanding of key concepts in A Course in Miracles. It shows how the Course gives the best answer to the 'problem of evil'. ..  To  see how A Course in Miracles explains this answer I highly recommend this book. 

- Billy Ledford III

"God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy was a very helpful and inspiring book. It is perhaps the clearest book I have read that deals rigorously with the key concepts of the Course. I am highly recommending that the members of the class I facilitate read it. 

                 - Jimmy Williams, Thousand Oaks, CA