Guidance from the Holy Spirit

     For a long time now it has seemed to me that when I want guidance from the Holy Spirit, and I am quiet and listen, some statement or passage from the Course which is relevant to my situation comes to me.

      For example, I say “Give me a different way of looking at this.” And what happens? I'll receive something like, “What you think your brother did to you has not occurred.” And I may have to think about that a little while. Again!

     Or I might receive, “At least see him as a mind in which illusions still persist, but as a mind who brother is to you.”

     And there are many other thoughts that come to mind depending on the situation, or person, or event with which I want help. Thoughts like “Thank you Jesus for being with me,” or  “There is nothing to fear,” or “I could see peace instead of this.” Or “Whatever suffers is not part of me.”

     I haven't heard others speak of guidance in this way so I may be going out on a limb. But I must admit that's how it seems to be, namely, that what the Holy Spirit has to say to me, in almost every situation, is something I have found right here in my memory, in my recall of thoughts the author of the Course has trained me to think.

Robert J. Hellmann, 2023