“The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind.” (C-6,4:1)

           “The part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind” is a part of the mind that separated off when the Christ, “God's Son as He created Him,” (W-PII.6,1:1), attempted to create on His own, apart from His Creator, His Father.

            This split-off part of the Christ Mind is "the separated mind of God's Son" which itself is a split mind using a body which it made. In one part of this split mind is the Holy Spirit, God's Answer to the separation. In the other part is the ego. The Holy Spirit came with this mind when it originally split off.

            "The light came with you from your native home, and stayed with you because it is your own. It is the only thing you bring with you from Him Who is your Source." (L188,1:6-8)

            I interpret "the light that came with you" as being the Holy Spirit, and "from your native home" as being from the Mind of God. The phrase "and stayed with you" parallels our introductory quote, "The Holy Spirit abides in …."

            The Holy Spirit is God's Thought of what you are, as well as your thought of what you are, as He created you. "The light stayed with you because  it is your own", that is, it is your own light, your own thought of what you really are as God created you.

            We conclude then that the Holy Spirit is the only thing you bring with you from Him, the Mind of God, who is your Source, your Creator. Later in this passage we are told that this light, this Holy Spirit, will lead you, the mind, back to where it came from, namely, the Mind of God.

            The Holy Spirit, then, explains why this mind ("you" at Level II) is capable of reintegrating with Itself, the Christ Mind as God created it. ("You" at Level I)

            And, according to the Course, that it will reintegrate is guaranteed. (See W-PII.2,1:1-2)

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